Hardy Palms Price List

xButyagrus nabbonnandi (Mule Palm)
Butia capitata pollinated by Syagrus romanzoffiana create this hybrid known as the mule palm. We are pleased to be able to offer this palm to enthusiasts in the Northwest. It has been known to survive temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Its appearance is reminiscent of a coconut palm and it is vigorous and fast growing. Likes full to partial sun.
Prices:      45 Gal         $760.00    Pictured
Prices:     25 Gal          $569.00
Prices:      15 Gal         $342.00
Prices:      5 Gal          $195.00
Prices:      7 Gal.         $230.00
Prices:     10 Gal.        $310.00



Brahea armata (Mexican Blue Palm)
The Mexican Blue Palm is a very attractive, slow-growing desert palm native to the Baja peninsula of Mexico. Its icy blue, stiff fronds compliment desert landscapes throughout the Southwest. Rather rare in cultivation, it is a palm much sought after by discriminating landscapers. The Mexican Blue Palm is hardy to 18 degrees and thrives in the hot, dry deserts, reaching a height of 40 feet. It prefers ample water and well drained soils and requires very little maintenance. Distribution: Baja California. Common names: Mexican Blue Palm, Blue Hesper palm.
Prices:      24″ Box         $450.00
Prices:       5 Gal.            $39.95
Prices:      15 Gal.           $87.50
Prices:      36″ Box          $798.00

Butia capitata
Pindo Palm (Butia capitata ‘Pindo’): The Pindo palm is definitely a welcome and distinctive addition to both tropical and desert landscapes. Its graceful form and arching blue-green fronds make it excellent for pool-side plantings, as well as for container use. Hardy to 15 degrees. The Pindo palm is tolerate of the hot, dry conditions in the high or low deserts with ample water, but is at its best in the more moderate Southern climates. It makes moderately slow growth to an eventual trunk height of 15 feet. Low maintenance is an addition plus for this unique.
Prices:    5 Gal. Pots         $ 50.00
15 Gal.                $145.00
24″ Box               $400 to $500.00


Butia eriospathia
Close similiarity to B. capitata, while the ‘eriospatha’ refers to the wooly spathe produced in mature specimens. Some think it is hardier. Same requirements and growth rate as B. cap. Ours have been grown here at the nursery, from seed acquired.
Prices: 5 Gal. $55.00
7 Gal. $100.00
15 Gal. $130.00

Chamaerops humilis
The best-looking and most desirable palm is Chamaerops humilis, the Mediterranean fan palm. It is native to coastal regions of southern Europe and North Africa, where it prefers well-drained soils. This is a clumping palm with a tight head of rounded, fan-shaped fronds. It starts life as a small plant, then produces suckers around the base. Each sprout grows its own trunk so that a mature specimen can resemble an octopus, with three to eight or more trunks branching out of the base. Mediterranean fan palms are very slow-growing and will rarely exceed 10 feet, but easily grow to twice as wide. Some very old specimens reach as much as 20 feet. They are quite long-lived, with maturity in about 30 years.
Prices:   1 Gal.     $15.00
5 Gal.     $40.00
7 Gal.    $100.00
10 Gal.    $125.00
15 Gal.    $135.00
20 Gal.    $325.00
40 Gal.    $400.00

Chamaerops humilis (cerifera)
Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera). Grows naturally up to about 5500 ft high in the Atlas mountains in Morocco. It can withstand cold, heat, drought, and varying degrees of sunlight. Has pale blue waxy leaves like the Brahea Armata Palm. Distinctive features: Slow growing with light blue-green leaves. Similar species: European Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis). Hardiness: Possibly 0°F to 20°F Winter protection: Keep from being too moist.  Habitat: Well drained soil in a sunny exposure. Native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
Prices:      5 Gal. Pots         $  65.00
15 Gal. Pots         $250.00
20 Gal. $350.00

Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm)
The most popular and widely used cycad.  Used as a garden plant in every country that has a tropical or Mediterranean climate.  Easy to cultivate and hardy.  With appropriate mulching has been known to survive winters in zone 8.
Prices:      1 Gal. Pots         $19.95
3 Gal. Pots         $69.99
5 Gal. $210.00
Call for larger size pricing


Jubaea chilensis (Chilean Cocopalm)
Common name Chilean Cocopalm. Extremely massive large heavy trunked, solitary pinnate form, reduplicate unarmed, monoecious, sheds leaves leaving trunk resembling a large elephant leg. No crownshaft. Pleonanthic, interfoliar inflorescence. Jubaea chilensis is a giant. Fully pinnate with leaves reaching 20 feet long and a trunk up to 160 inches or more in circumference at chest height!
Prices:      1 Gal. Pots         $  50.00
5 Gal. Pots         $150.00
15 Gal. Pots         $300.00
24″ Box         $725.00

Livistona australis (Australian Fan Palm)
Palmate or costapalmate, induplicate, mostly conspicuously armed, solitary, hermaphroditic. Persistent leaf and petiole bases. Mostly large leaves – Well developed conspicuous adaxial hastula. Pleonanthic, interfoliar inflorescence. 28 species from the African Horn to Arabia to the Himalayas and Ryukyu Islands south through Indochina and New Guinea. Australia supports a great variety of this genus.
Prices:      10-15 Gal. Pots         $150.00
50″ Box         $300.00

Parajubaea cocoides
The Quito palm, Parajubaea cocoides, is a truly spectacular palm with graceful arching fronds and a smooth trunk which give it a unique, tropical look. Yet this palm is hardly tropical in its growing requirements. Originating in the cool, temperate highlands of the Andes, (2000-3000m elevations) this palm prefers year-round spring-like conditions with moderate daytime highs and brisk and cold, (but not freezing) nights.  More specifically, Parajubaea cocoides thrives when daytime temperatures range from 60 to 75 F and when overnight lows range in between 45 and 55 F. It prefers the cool, humid conditions associated with a marine influence.
25 Gal. Pots         $300.00

Phoenix canariensis
Very large (to about 20m), majestic palm, with a very solid trunk, and long feather leaves with spined petioles. Quite a popular plant due to its hardiness, attractiveness and speed of growth. Very good for adding a Mediterranean feel. Distribution: Canary Islands. Common names: Canary Island date palm. Minimum Temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Prices:      24″ Box         $400.00

Phoenix reclinata (Sengal Date Palm)
A spreading Phoenix palm somewhat resembling the Ornamental Date but having a tendency to form bushy clusters of offshoots. The palm presents a better appearance if the offshoots are allowed to remain. This plant has proven to be quite slow growing and somewhat tender to cold. Minimum Temperature of 25 degrees Fahrenheit.
Prices:      30 Gal. Pots         $350.00

Sabal minor (Dwarf palmetto)
Dwarf Palmetto (Sabal minor): Also called Scrub Palm. Found growing wild in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey. Cold Hardy to -10 degrees F. Small number of leaves that are brittle on an underground trunk which sometimes in warm areas will grow above ground.
Prices: 1 Gal Pots $20.00     5 Gal. Pots     $65.00
10 Gal. Pots         $120.00

Sabal palmetto
The sabal palm (Sabal palmetto) is the most widely distributed palm in Florida. It grows in almost any soil and has many uses, including food, medicine, and landscaping. The 1953 Florida legislature designated the sabal palm as the state tree. Distribution: Southeastern United States, Bahamas Islands, West Indies. Common names: Sabal palm, palmetto palm, cabbage palm. Distribution: Southeastern United States, Bahamas Islands, West Indies. Common names: Sabal palm, palmetto palm, cabbage palm.
Prices: 1 Gal. Pots $20.00     5 Gal. Pots $65.00
24″ Pots         $135-175.00

Trachycarpus,  latisectus
This attractive palm from the Sikkim Himalayas of India, known in the past as Trachycarpus “sikkimensis,” has only recently been discovered. It differs from other members of the genus in having large, leathery leaves with exceptionally wide segments, and usually has a thick, bare, ringed trunk. It is extremely hardy, frequently tolerating frost and snow, and grows quite rapidly.
Prices:      1 Gal. Pots         $  30.00
5 Gal. Pots         $135.00

Trachycarpus fortunei
This small, attractive fan palm is native to China and is often seen growing in cooler climates. It is quite cold-hardy and has an amazing ability to survive, even when completely defoliated. It grows to about 40 feet, with a solitary trunk covered with matted fiber. The palmate leaves, to 4 feet across, are deeply divided and the tips are often drooping.
Prices:      1 Gal. Pots         $  10.00
5 Gal. Pots         $  40.00     or 2 for $70.00
10-15 Gal. Pots         $110.00
40 Gal. Pots         $ 399.99

Larger palms at $100.00 per foot trunk

Trachycarpus martianus
T. martianus from the Khasia Hills, once known as Trachycarpus khasianus, is the most elegant species in the genus. Its slender, bare trunk supports a full but open crown of elegantly arching, very regular and much segmented, large fan leaves. It is quite fast and easy growing. Well suited to subtropical as well as temperate climates it will tolerate moderate frosts.

Prices:      2″ Pots         $10.00
1 Gal. Pots         $20.00
5 Gal. Pots         $65.00

Trachycarpus takil
This fast-growing palm, quite possibly the most cold-hardy of all the Trachycarpus palms, is native to a mountainous area of India where it is found to elevations of 8000 feet. It is relatively “new” so is not often seen in cultivation, and is often confused with T. wagnerianus, with which it bears little resemblance. The leaves are much larger and the trunk is often bare.
Prices:  5 Gal. Pots    $45.00
7 Gal. $90.00
10 Gal. $120.00

Trachycarpus wagnerianus.
May be as hardy as the Trachycarpus fortunei, smaller more compact with a stiffer more erect appearance. Very attractive and more tolerant of wind.

Prices:     1 Gal. $14.00
3 Gal. $75.00
20 Gal. $199.00

Trithrinax acanthocoma
There is little experience with this palm here in our zone 8b climate, however it is reported to tolerate our cold wet winters.

Prices: 2 Gal. Pots $35.00
24″ Box         $360.00

Washingtonia filifera
Large- tall or robust Fully palmate. Induplicate armed with fancy curved teeth or even UNARMED (especially when over 7 meters), hermaphroditic, solitary. Persistent leaf sheaths forming a very even and thatch-like petticoat on filifera.
Prices:     15 Gal. Pots         $110.00

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