Hardy Plants Price List

Cordyline australis (Atropurpurea)

A attractive red leafed version of Cordyline considered to be quite cold hardy.
Prices:    5 Gal. Pots    $25.00
15 Gal. Pots    $78.00
20 Gal. Pots    $278.00

Dasylirion longissima (Mexican Grass Tree)
is an attractive specimen that prefers to avoid wet weather but seems to tolerate our wet Northwest winters ok and has been cultivated as far north as Vancouver BC.
Prices:   1 Gal. Pots    $16.00
5 Gal. Pots    $50.95
20 Gal. Pots    $278.00

Dicksonia  antarctica  (Tasmanian Tree Fern)
This tree fern is considered hardy to zone 9 but some success has been had here in the Northwest with good mulching and in a protected microclimate.
Prices:    1 Gal. Pots    $14.95
5 Gal. Pots    $45.95

                              15 Gal. $140.95

Musa basjoo   (Fiber Banana)
The Musa basjoo is an attractive banana that will easily survive our climate, grows back from the ground unless protected.
Prices:    1 Gal. Pots    $13.95
5 Gal. Pots    $24.95

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